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We have been working at the cusp of industry and academia partnerships as mathematical models form the bedrock of Artificial Intelligence delivery and business impact.

We drive business impact in Healthcare, Fintech, Retail, Telecom and Utility Services. We deliver solutions in Computer Vision. NLP, Robotics and IoT.

COVIZN : AI-based COVID-19 Screening Software

COVIZN provides an afordable and rapid screening solution for COVID-19 cases through artificial Intelligence based analytics of patient x-ray.
COVIZN Software has been validated by RML, New Delhi & AIIMS, Patna. The results reported in the field trail at these centrally funded government hospitals reported an average sensitivity and specificity of 93.26% and 91.93% respectively.

Vitti AI in collaboration with Xvizn has introduced the software to alleviate the current need for quick identification of Covid 19 infection in Lungs. The Software has been developed in association with IIIT Bhagalpur and the institution is continuously involved in improving the accuracy rate to 98 well as broaden the feature base of software to related lung diseases.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software (Known as COVIZN), developed in 2020 can read scanned chest x-ray film or plates as well as high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) OR CT Scan uploaded to the computer is less than

  • The cost of diagnosis for Covid significantly low (Approximately 300/-) in comparison to Microbiological Swab Test (RT-PCR Approximately 1200 /-)
  • The time taken to confirm Covid cases through COVIZN is very less in comparison to RT-PCR & Antigen tests. In case of RT-PCR test, It takes approximately 4-6 hours for the test results in comparison to COVIZN that provides report in virtually seconds

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Neural Search Engine : AI-based searching Application

Neural search engine provide the cloud-native neural search solution powered by state-of-the-art AI technology.
Intelligent Search approach to search from your documents.

In general we look and search for multiple things in internet and found a lot of results for the quiries. Here in iSarthik - Neural Search we perform a search on specific data i.e. (Documents of Your Choice). Once data gets uploaded in system it ingest the information from data and put the answers to user quiries along with it's refrence present in the document.

iSarthik - Making Learning Pleasurable

iSarthik - India’s First Ai Based Integrated, Secured, Scalable Video Conferencing & Learning Management System.

The world has increasingly become digital, from work, to play, to learn. The existing application and platform to support these human endeavours are plagued with multiple limitations, security & usability issues and is not scalable specifically in the scenario such as India with bandwidth limitations and device capabilities. The need of the hour is to provide an unbreakable, secure, usable, highly scalable and integrated collaborative solution supporting not only just audio & video conferencing, but also with AI & XR based features e.g. radical personalization, multi-lingual translation & transcription, sentiment analysis, holographic collaboration, etc. enabling work and learn seamlessly at local, regional & global level.
Our innovation focuses on two layers
1. To provide a comprehensive secure platform experience supporting online learning, interactive classes, conferences, webinars, work from home for academia, government and enterprise, secure VOIP calls as well as support to cutting edge technologies such extended and mixed reality, block chain-based certification & portfolio management.
2. And to develop and evolve algorithms for dynamic WebRTC configurations, real-time optimization depending upon varied network conditions and device capabilities, etc. for unbreakable user experience.

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